Neringa Bagdoniene

                                                                                                                             1979, Lithuanian. Lives and works in Milton Keynes.U.K


2005/9  –   Vilnius Academy of  Arts, state university. Costume Design. Bachelors of Fine Arts. Lithuania.

2003/5  –   Consumer services and Business school. Clothing Cutter / Designer.  Diploma of Vocational Training. Lithuania.

2000/3  –   Traveling.

1997/9   –    School of Applied Arts. Interior decorator. Diploma of Vocational Training. Lithuania.

1997       –    Vilkijos Secondary School. Graduation Certificate. Lithuania.


2007      –    Seminar by Dr. Konstantin Bogomolov: “Professional image design: private client  services”. Certificate.

2007      –    Lectures by Lec. Brigita Kupcikiene: ” Clothing Protocol: etiquette rules, dress codes, protocol requirements for clothing”. ( 30 hours )


2017     –    “Summer Salon” art exhibition. Candid Art Trust gallery, London. England.

2017     –    (Currently) ITAMI international jewellery exhibition. The Museum of Art & Craft Itami, Japan.

2017      –    International group jewellery exhibition. Gallery of Art in Legnica. Legnica. Poland.

2013      –    Group jewellery exhibition. Art Central Gallery. Milton Keynes. UK.

2013      –    Group exhibition of Art dolls . Arts Central Gallery. Milton Keynes. UK.

2011      –    Group jewellery exhibition. Art Gallery. Milton Keynes. UK.

2009     –    Group fashion exhibition: “New Stars”. Gallery: Gedimino 9. Project: “The Pain Illusion”. Lithuania. Vilnius

2009     –    Group Exhibition: “I love fashion international”. One model. Slovakia.

Public activities

2009     –    Fashion show: “The Fly”. Collection “The Pain Illusion”. Lithuania.(*)

2007     –    Fashion show: “Mother’s Day”. One model. Lithuania, Vilnius.

2006     –    Fashion show: “Impuls party”. Two models: Aristocrat and Doll.

Awards / Honors / Achievements

2006     –   Fashion contest: “L’Amour Collection “. One of the finalists. Lithuania, Vilnius.(*)

1996      –   International Children’s Drawing and Poster Contest:”Nature’s Fairytale/Clear Water”. Special Prize and Diploma.

                   “World in the Water  Drop” (watercolours). Participants: 4000 artists from 10 countries. Lithuania.(*)  

1996      –   International Children’s Drawing Contest: “National Work‘s Tools”. Winer  IIIth. place, diploma and Winer‘s prize.

                   “Was a difficult woman’s fate” (ink, pencil, watercolours). Sweden.(*)