Neringa Bagdoniene


Neringa Bagdoniene born in Lithuania and studied costume design at Vilnius Academy of Arts between 2005 & 2009. Neringa discovered art at school, wen her very first drawings took prizes in international art competitions. But deep down she was still uncertain about what is the art? where it comes from? and her artistic ability.

Soon after graduate she become happy mum of two naughty boys. So several years Neringa was busy mum and at the same time she intensely searched for the answer about the art. However she found the answers and ultimately achieve a state of inner peace.

Neringa lets intuition lead her wherever it wants. She says ”there is impulse inside me and deep knowing to start something new, I just follow it and allow things to happen”. That’s how insects appeared in her range of vision. With a background in professional image design and clothing protocol artist transmutes insects into exclusive jewellery with a distinctive style. Insects, bugs become artistic pieces that add an extra dimension to your individuality. Artist use unusual combination of wire modelling, painting, bead embroidery and materials such as aluminium, bespoke silk, glass beads, clay.

Currently Neringa with her family lives and works in beautiful city of Milton Keynes U.K. and focussed on new insects jewellery collection. Her son Ben (6 year old) helps mum in a long creative process. He has become a “master” of insect’s leg beading. The little one Kai (2y.) become quality specialist if succeed… :)

“Simple in actions and thoughts”- Neringa attempt to follow it in a creative process and life.